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The Great Indian Art Show 2022


The Great India Art Show, organized in one of the prime business location of Mumbai is set to showcase Art in every form and from across the nation. 

Details for Registration and Stalls are all mentioned below.

Venue : Kamal Nayan Bajaj Hall, Bajaj Bhavan, Narima n Point Mumbai.

Exhibition Date : 10 - 14 Oct 2022

Stall Details and pricing

Size mentioned below is in Feet per stall. There are 47 Stalls and 4 Tables. Stall Numbers Starts from A1 and Ends at D20. Tables are from T1 to T4 which are reserved for Indian Folk Artist. 

A1-A7 (5 Width  x 10 Height) INR 22000 Per Stall

A9-A10  (5 Width  x 10 Height)  INR 22000 Per Stall

A8 (3 Width  x 10 Height)  INR 20000 Entrance Prime Per Stall

A11 (4 Width  x 10 Height)  INR 23000 Per Stall

B1 (4 Width  x 10 Height)  INR 23000 Per Stall

B2 - B6 (5 Width  x 10 Height)  INR 22000 Per Stall

C1 (2.5 Width  x 5.8 Height)  INR 15000 Per Stall

C2- C9 (5 Width  x 5.8 Height)  INR 19000 Per Stall

C10 (6.5 Width  x 5.8 Height)  INR 21000 Per Stall

T1 - T4 (tables) INR 10000 per table (Reserved for Indian Folk Art) 

D1 - D20 (3 Width  x 7 Height)  INR 10000 Per Stall 

Below Find the Floor Plan for the same in a PDF Format

For Details Contact

+91 72082-56585 or +91 8605-8605-26

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