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The Great Indian Art 2022

Kamalnayan Bajaj 10 -14 Oct 2022

Bajaj Bhavan, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021

Terms for Exhibitors and Guidelines

Below mentioned are the guidelines for exhibitors participating in The Great Indian Art 2022 beginning on 10th October till 14th October 2022 at Kamalnayan Bajaj. Kindly proceed to fill the data relating to your artworks post reading the terms and guidelines. The Form is available at the bottom of this page.

A. Showcasing the Artworks
1. All the artworks will be placed in your allocated space and no extra work is permitted. Details of your space will be shared prior to the exhibition on your registered email.
2. All arrangements pertaining to physical display and placement of artwork would be done by our team.
3. Details about the artwork will be placed on the right side of the artwork which shall describe the title, medium, dimensions and the price of the artwork.

B. Data Collection
1. Details of every artwork to be displayed (for exhibition) should be made available to us before 25th Sep 2022 along with your personal profile. A digital form for entering these details is made available at the end of this terms. No entry to the form will be accepted post 25th. Sep 2022.
2. Please do not share any details to us on WhatsApp or email.
3. Detailed description of each artwork should be written in the digital form.
4. Any entry or details shared with us post 25 Sep will not be available in the print material (for marketing and exhibition display)

C. Marketing Material
1. There will be a common booklet / promotional medium containing details of each and every artist participating in the exhibition along with their artwork.
2. Sharing of any personal brochure or visiting card is prohibited.

D. Artist presence
1. Every artwork should reach to us on 10 Oct 2022 by 08:00 am at Kamalnayan Bajaj.
2. We request every artist to grace the inauguration with their presence.
3. Every artist is required to be present on the last day of the exhibition from 5:00 pm onwards till the end.
4. Artist presence is optional for the remaining days. They may be as per the schedule mentioned under point 1 and 3 of D. Our team will present the art to the visitors.

E. Client Interaction
1. Every client interaction would be done by our team, and we request no direct interaction between the artist and the clients or visitor unless required.

F. Sales
1. A fix commission of 20% will be charged on sales and the payment will be remitted immediately to the artist post the delivery.
2. All the payments will be accepted at the official desk of The Indian Gallery present at the exhibition.

G. Artwork / Inventory Management / Logistics
1. A Temporary art ID (Temp ID) will be assigned to every artwork before the start of the exhibition. Any artwork without Temp ID will not be placed for display.
2. A gate pass will be required to move the artwork out of the Exhibition Hall. The same will be prepared and handed over at the official desk.
3. A gate pass is needed to move out any unsold article on the last day of the exhibition or anywhere in between.

4. The Indian Gallery will not bear any Logistic Charges for movement of any artwork to-and-from the exhibition. This applies to every exhibiting artist and more specific to those who would be sending their artwork to us. 

H. Code of ethical conduct
1. Any transaction between the artist exhibiting at The Great Indian Art 2022 and, the visitor who visited the great Indian Art 2022, post the exhibition pertaining to an artwork or artefact showcased in the Great Indian Art 2022 will be liable for a commission of 20% to The Indian Gallery (TIG). If such transactions are done without the knowledge of TIG or its founders then it would constitute a breach of trust and any damages to TIG whether financial or credibility would be dealt with a legal action u/s 73, 74 & 75 of Indian Contract Act 1872.
2. Artist can showcase only artwork created by them at The Great Indian Art 2022. Any artwork brought by the artist from another artist or gifted by another artist cannot be displayed at the great Indian Art 2022
3. Any conflicts with any artist enhancing towards verbal or physical abuse will force us to move the artist out of the event and embargo them from all our events.

We welcome every artist and their creativity and passion for art at The Great Indian Art 2022. As a family we move ahead towards promoting art and the talent that our country possess. 

Proceed to enter details about your artwork that you need to display at Kamalnayan Bajaj

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Updated on 08-07-2022

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