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Organized by The Indian Gallery, Kala Maharath is an Annual Art competition open to artist across the Globe which showcases art in all its form. 

With five categories to compete in the 2023 Edition there are cash prizes worth ₹2,50,000 to be won. 

Kindly select a theme and create an artwork accordingly

- Landscape 

- Wildlife

- Indian Folk Art

- Heritage (Country Specific)

Kindly read the below terms and guidelines for further details.

A. Categories for participation From each artist group, one winner will be selected for each of these five categories. Further, the highest ranking artist in the competition from each artist group will be awarded “Kala Maharathi 2023”. All winners will receive a cash prize, along with a certificate of recognition, free personal online gallery as “featured artist” and 1 year free subscription of our website. 1. Contemporary Art 2. Conceptual Art 3. Mixed Media 4. Landscape Art 5. Indian Folk Art Artist Grouping: 1.Group A: Children’s group: Age 14 to Age 17 2. Group B: Amateur Artist 3. Group C: Professional Artist Judging Process: The artworks will be technically assessed by a panel of Independent judges. The final ranking will be based on combination of judge scores and public voting. Enrolment for 'Kala Maharathi 2023' will be open from 1st May 2022 to 6th July 2023. Winners will be announced on 20th Dec 2023. Competition timelines are as follows - -1st May 2023 to 6th July 2023 : open for participation form - 15th Aug –28th SSep 2023: Submission period of Artwork - 1st Oct - 20th Oct 2023 : Judging Process (Technical scoring) - 21st Oct to 30th Nov 2023 : Public Voting - 10th Dec 2023 : Final one to one virtual interview with judges - 20th Dec 2023 : Winners Announcement Kala Maharathi will be awarded to one artist from each Artist Group. Winners will be selected based on the highest competition score, from both Judges and Public voting process. 1.Each Category - I Prize - 25000 2. Each Category – II Prize –15000 3. Each Category – III Prize -5000 4. Special Cash Prizes and rewards for children of age group 14 to 18 years All the very best to all participating artists

B. Artwork Submission 1. Each artwork submitted must follow the unique styles, methodology, and medium of work 2. In order to qualify for a winning prize in each artist group, there must be a minimum of ten artists in that category. 3. All adult participants and participant’s parents/guardian for Children, are responsible to ensure the artwork is produced by the participant and does not infringe the copyright or any other rights of the third party. 4. All submitted artwork must be completed in full. 5. Artworks that do not comply to given category will be disqualified. 6. Copied artworks will be disqualified, especially for Amateur and Professional Artists. If winning artwork is found as copied, the title will be removed and artist will be required to return the winning trophy and cash prize in full to TIG, within 30 days of notice. 7. To validate the authenticity, all shortlisted finalists will be required to submit their video, should the artist fail to submit the video, TIG reserves the right to disqualify the artwork. It is mandatory for everry artists to record a video. a) A minimum of 2-minute continuous video during the sketching/drawing stage b) And, another two minute video during final colouring process. 8. All artworks must be recent and not have been created prior to 1st Dec 2022. 9. Artwork size a. TIG recommends a minimum of A3 Size base for Children b. A minimum size A2 or A1 for Amateur and professional artists Back of all artworks, they must be signed, dated and clearly mentioned with a. The artist’s name, b. Contact details, c. Size of the painting in centimeters. d. Approx. weight in grams (including packing) 10. The participant must be the owner of the artwork and they must submit “self-attested authentication certificate” in order to meet the requirement of the competition. 11. Artist can submit up to five artworks, but no more than one will be selected for the final prize 12. Once submitted, n changes can be made to the artwork. Should any changes be made after submission, TIG reserves the right to disqualify the artwork 13. Only finalist/winning artworks will be required to be submitted physically. All such artworks should reach the TIG, in Mumbai office address for verification before 1st May,2023 . Address will be communicated by email at a later date. 14. All winning artwork may be offered for sale at exhibitions and will be recorded in a pricelist. Proceeds from the sale (price decided by artist) will go back to the artist , less tax, framing costs, bank fees (3%), and gallery commission (25%).

C. Shortlisting Process 1. A panel of judges will shortlist participants for the final exhibition based on technical scoring. This will be followed by public voting/scoring through 2. The selection criteria for judges will include the following a. Beauty in art b. Originality and Uniqueness c. Skill and technique d. Inherent meaning explained in the write-up e. Full filled intent of the theme 3. Based on the overall scoring, Finalist and winners will be selected by the panel of judges 4. All participants will be notified as to the shortlisting outcome by email and through The Indian Gallery's online portal The decision of the judges will be final and no correspondence in the matter will be entertained by TIG 5. The panel of judges has the right to exclude any artwork which it considers as defamatory or likely to cause offence or do not meet shortlisting criteria.

D. Exhibition of shortlisted and finalist 1. Artworks shortlisted for the exhibition must be presented professionally, without any dirt or contamination 2. Acquisitive prize recipients will agree to transfer full ownership of the artwork (excluding copyright) to TIG at no costs, to be housed and presented at . The prize recipient will continue to retain all copyright in the artwork 3. Placement of Artwork in the exhibition will be the decision of TIG 4. Artwork may be offered for sale via The Indian Gallery's online portal based on participants decided price or higher.

For Details Contact

+91 72082-56585 or +91 8605-8605-26

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