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Silver Lining

INR 52,500

Art ID





Acrylic On Canvas

36 x 60 inches

Subtle yet powerful is how I would like to describe this painting.
The subtle use of peach and yellow is also used next to the deep shades of blue.
This painting is made multiple layers of paints and a palette knife has been used to carve out the textures.
It is completely on the viewer to feel and see the flow of different colours start from the centre spreading outward or different colours from all sides of the canvas merging into the centre.
This abstract painting is textured and several layers of paints have been used to create the depth.

Kindly Note the below

1. Shipping, handling and packaging charges would be additional; that is over and above the price mentioned for the art. The same would depend on factors such as size of the art, delivery location, fragility of the art and lot more. 

2. Insurance would be provided on request of the buyer and needs to paid separately by the buyer.

3. Purchase price would remain and will be payable in the currency mentioned for the art.

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