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The Indian Gallery (TIG)

The Indian Gallery (TIG), a firm registered in Mumbai is "one of its kind" and an unbiased platform for art that subsumes every aspect of art. The all in one platform features artists, art collectors, mentors, students and anyone in the practice of art. TIG appreciates and promotes art in all its form.


The Founders, Anjali Kaur Arora and Hiral Shah, envisage a vision of creating  equal opportunities for artists regardless of their age, race, religion and even connections for that matter. Though the platform would have artist and art connoisseurs from across the globe; it all starts with love for the motherland, India.


The platform is determined in delivering knowledge transfer, sales support, mentoring opportunities and many more facilities to the artist over a period of time. Similarly it ensures authenticity to the art connoisseur


The Vision

We envisage a vision to deliver value and opportunity to everyone who is part of this platform and be a preferred partner in the field of art.

The Mission

We are committed in serving and flourishing the creativity, learning and growth from all regions of the globe and across time.

The Founder

image_6483441 (3).JPG

An ex-banker and a startup mentor by profession Hiral was always passionate about art. With a few digital projects for artists and art galleries under his very own banner Maeve Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd,

Hiral started advancing towards the field of art. 


He soon realised that Art in India needs an unbiased approach and the talent needs unprejudiced recognition. Soon he started publishing artist from every corner of India in his very own publication The E Today, under the column ‘Artists of India.’ 


He believes in constructing the right value for the art and the artist irrespective of who they or whom they know.

Hiral Shah

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