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Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the shipping charges and who will bear the same?

Ideally the shipping charges varies based on the parcel size, fragility and location. This would be discussed while finalising the deal. Every art will be showcased with a disclaimer “Shipping Charges Additional” 


Why is no name of the artist displayed under their artwork?

We believe in unbiased sale, the art collector needs to pick up an art basis his / her likes. Every Art has an unique ID associated with it that help us identify the artist.

What is the actual sales price?

Actual sales price is the price at which the art work is sold. It does not include any other cost such as taxes, shipping, packaging, handling or any other charges for that matter.

What would be the charges on sale?

There would be a flat 20% charge on sales. This will include the amount at which the art would be sold. For instance if an artwork is sold for INR 1,00,000 and there is an additional shipping charges of INR 10,000 making the in-purchase charge for the buyer as INR 1,10,000, then the commission would be charged as 20% on INR 1,00,000 (actual sales price) and not on INR 1,10,000

How many art work can I display?

You can display upto 20 artwork . You can change any displayed art work as and when needed.

Can I showcase my sold artwork?

Yes you can and the same would be marked as unavailable.

What are the benefits and features of this platform and what are different membership plans available?

You may check the benefits here. Currently we are enrolling every one under the Gold Plan priced at ₹ 3499 which is currently discounted and made available at ₹ 2000

How do I register as a mentor?

This is available to artist who are registered with us under the Gold Plan. Click here if you wish to be a mentor.

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